The Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure (RAPIL)—Answering the Call to Teach—is a collaborative effort among all three of Iowa’s Regents institutions to bring quality teacher preparation to eligible adult learners holding a BA degree.

All three of the Regents programs have successful, state-approved teacher education programs for traditional students. Opportunities exist within these excellent programs for BA people to earn a teaching license through completing the existing licensure core or by earning a Master’s Degree and completing all licensure requirements during the graduate program.

Why a Regents collaborative?

The RAPIL is designed to bring together the best of all three Regents institutions to create one teacher license program that is more accessible, personalized, and in a collaborative, technology-based teaching format for professionals who have life and career experiences to bring to today’s secondary students.

A collaborative program allows each institution to contribute essential resources that allow intern candidates to learn in a synchronous online and face-to-face environment outside of the typical on-campus, day-class format.

Interns who successfully complete this state-approved program will be recommended to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for the second year of the two-year Iowa Initial Teaching License.